Our Story

As one of it's charitable services, KDP Foundation provides support to poor children’s education in rural and remote areas. While travelling from one village to another and looking at underprivileged families and their problems, a realization dawned upon us.

The need for support is far greater than what we can do through our foundation. A dilemma was upon us. Do we spend all our resources to provide support or is there a limit to what we can do? We didn't like both these options and set out to spread the word to try to inspire and encourage people to join our vision and help the needy. This led us to the preexisting idea of crowd funding. Following up on this idea we were left astounded with what we found. Most crowd funding websites charge a fee to post or take a commission from the money you raise. We thought to ourself, "If we want to perform a selfless act of helping someone, why should we pay for it?" So we decided to create a platform connecting the needy with the more fortunate directly without third party involvement or fees.

We need your affection and support in the development of our genuine humble altruistic endeavor to reach a significant scale and make a difference

About Us

Paropakari is a beautiful initiative by
KDP Foundation to bring less fortunate and more fortunate people together to form a joyful world. It is the most trusted online fundraising platform because it is completely free of cost. Unlike other crowdfunding websites where you have to pay a significant amount before raising money for your cause - we have eliminated all the selfish middlemen and fees to help out the needy people. All you have to do is register on our platform with the help of your mobile number or email and update your profile. If you want you can also invite your friends, or make a group through which you can contribute to a particular cause. Join Now